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Virtual Dog. One of the better (although still not all that realistic) virtual dog sites. Very fun.
MOPyFish. This is the most realistic downloadable online pet I have ever seen. Very, very cool.
Virtual Creatures. Related to the above MOPyFish. They've come out with (so far) tarantulas, but will be coming out with more soon.
Adopt me. You can adopt online pets! There's lots of different kinds of animals on the site, and most are pretty cool.
The Top Ten Virtual Pet Sites. A list of ten virtual pet sites.
The Keylink Domain, Virtual Pets. This is a list of virtual pets sites, it has some really cool ones.
Mousepad Virtual Pets. Hmmm.... this is cool...I think. Well, it has some cool stuff. Some is pets, some is other stuff.
Neopets. Yes, I know I've mentioned this before, but it does fit under this category and it's AWESOME!!!:-)
Virtual Kitty. Just as the name describes. A virtual kitty.:-) Also check out Virtual Doggy, there's a link to it on the site.
RSPCA Cyberpet. This seems cool. Check it out!
Americangirl Net Pet. This is very fun. Go get your Net Pet!

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