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Teen girls

Internet Super Search

Bravenet Web Services

Places to shop

Limited Too. It's really cool. You can look at pictures and buy clothes online!
Nordstrom. Like the store, it's totally awesome.
JC Penney. Really cool. Has great holiday gifts for the whole family!

Plain fun

Claires. This is really cool. It tells you what's hot and what's not! There are also other fun things to do.
Cantufind. This has a bunch of cool sites for teenage girls.
Cosmo Girl. It's really a cool site for teenage girls.
Girl Site. Awesome site for girls! make sure to check it out.
Today's Girls. This is a cool site where you can chat and do other cool stuff.
100% Chillin'. A really cool site with games, quizzes, links, and much more!

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