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Quiz Links

These are some very kewl quiz links, be sure to check them out if you like online quizzes!

Internet Super Search

Bravenet Web Services

Quizzes 1

What musical are you? It's a very fun quiz.
What fruit are you? Also a kewl quiz.
Stv. Has a bunch of cool quizzes.
Where would you live in Middle Earth? TOTALLY awesome. Please check it out.

Quizzes 2

Quizilla. An increadible collection of quizzes! Really cool.
What neopet are you? Since I'm obsessed with neopets, I think it's especially cool, but it really is fun!
The N quizzes. Very very fun.
Quizzes. Wow. A LOT of quizzes. Quizzes quizzes quizzes. Alot are pretty cool.
What Lord of the Rings character are you? Really cool. Take it!

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