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Websites with fun games

These are some websites that have fun, free online games.
Internet Super Search

Bravenet Web Services


Bonus Games - Some fun games.
Shockwave Games - Cool games. I especially recommend Gutterball 3D.
Pogo - You have to sign up, but they do have fun games!
Java on the Brain - Some terrific games. I especially like Adios, Amoebas!
Yahoo! Games - Has some fun ones, for groups or single player.
Popcap Games - Some awesome games, especially Diamond Mine, a.k.a. Bejeweled.
M&Ms website - Sounds weird........but has some great games!
Zeek Games - Some way cool games. This is a page you don't want to miss.
Kings of Chaos - A really fun online game. You build your army and try to get gold. Addictive too! Please note: This game is currently not working, thanks to (grrrrrr.....) spammers.

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