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Fun, free stuff

Generally just fun stuff (ok some of it gets stupid...but most is fun at first anyways!:-) to do, download, listen to, or just have fun with!

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Random Fun Free Links

Larabie Fonts - Lots of free fonts to download. He has lots of cool links relating to fonts too! A very awesome site.
The Advertising Slogan Generator! - Don't use if you really want a slogan. :-) It can be fun though.
AIM Away Messages - If you have AIM (you can get the link on the email and instant messenger accounts page) it has some cool away messages. And even if you don't, some are funny...:-)
Colin's Movie Monologue Page - Has tons of movie monologues. It can be a cool place to kill some time.:-)
Hampsterdance 2 - Ok, it's strange. Very. But has some cool stuff.
SanDiego Zoo & Wild Animal Park - This place has some very cool stuff. Try out the web-cams to watch animals live!
Muffin Films - Some very funny (albeit a little strange) short "films" to watch online. All have to do with muffins.

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