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Cool places to get email & instant messengers

Internet Super Search

Bravenet Web Services

Email accounts

Yahoo! - Free, easy, and good service. Very all-out good.:-)
Hotmail - Very good email site. A great place to get an email address!
Lycos - Has very cool, free email accounts.
Netscape - This is easy to use and free! Very cool.
Free Email Address - Just as the name describes. Free email address. :-) - Wow! How cool! You can choose what the end of your email will be, such as or Awesome.

Instant Messengers

AOL Instant Messenger - Probably the most-used, and my favorite instant messenger. Plus, even if you're at someone else's house who hasn't downloaded it, you can access your account using AIM Express!
MSN Messenger - Good messenger service, connected to Hotmail email, and...they're a search engine! Wow!
Yahoo! Messenger - Also a very cool, easy to use instant messenger service.

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