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Online Dictionaries and Translators

Online Dictionary Links

Merriam-Webster OnLine. Has a dictionary, thesaurus, and much more! One of the very best online dictionaries I've ever been to.
YourDictionary. Wow! This place has everything! A translator, a dictionary, 100 most misspelled words, word of the day...the list goes on and on and on...:-)
Online Dictionary. A dictionary for everything! Medical dictionary, Greek dictionary, rhyming dictionary...
Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Oooooh...very cool! A great, easy to use online dictionary!

Online Translator Links

A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms. Whoa! An online Sign Language dictionary! How cool! This has lots of languages to translate anything from! Check it out!
Google Language Tools. Wow! A Google translator! And, as well as translating text, you can search for webpages in just a specific language!
FreeTranslation. You gotta love this place. A really amazing online translator.

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