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These are some fun art links whether you want to learn about art, how to do some sort of art, or get supplies, there should be something here for you! We will be adding more soon.

Art Supplies Links - Very good quality and good priced art supplies! A very large variety and easy to navigate.
Dick Blick Art Materials - Lots of supplies with great sales, and it's easy to navigate! Check it out!
Utrecht Art Supplies - A great art supplies site with everything you could need from drawing to painting to sculpting, a truly cool art site!
Dixie Art & Airbrush Supplies - A very fabulous site with incredible airbrush and regular art supplies!

How-to and about art links

Art Lessons, Tips, and Tutorials - A great site for learning a variety of art styles, such as animation, carving, anime, pottery and much much more!
Oriland - Origami galore! This is so cool, an origami site! Definitely, definitely check this one out!!!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Education - Lots of great resources about art, and a fabulous site in and of itself!
Musée du Louvre - An impressive resource containing most of the paintings in this incredible museum, the museums floor plan, and a short history of it.

Art stuff to do online

Art Lessons/Games - Most are lessons or games that teach you about art, great if you really feel like learning about art, but not as great if you don't. A cool site though.

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