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Animal related sites

Sites about animals

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Bravenet Web Services

Pictures of pets, etc.

Pet of the Day. There's a different pet every day! It's really cool.
Best of Howard. There are really cute pictures of animals. This is really cool!
Today Exite Pet. This is really cool, it's kind of like Pet of the Day, except a lower level. Still awesome, though
KVOA Interactive. It's Pet of the Days, and you can adopt the pet you see! And even if you don't want to adopt, they have some really cute pictures.


Friends of Animals. This is really cool. It's about helping animals.
h4ha. This is so cool! They're help finding homes for orphan animals! Please check it out!
Petco. This is really cool. If you either have a pet and want to know more about it or want a pet and need more info., you should check this site out.
Animal Pictures Archive - This site has different pictures of animals. There are all kinds of animals, too. This is one of Wizard Link's favorites!

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